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- ceramist artist, sigillated earth ceramic,​ ceramic craftsman

 training courses 2023 

- ceramic decor courses 5 days from 2 to 4 people


May 15-19, July 10-14, September 15-19, November 15-19,


1st day  slip décoration, 2nd day décoration on biscuit, 3rd day decorating on raw  glaze , 4th day decorating on fired glaze, 5th day, sigilatta terra discovery,


Sigilatta terra courses 3.5 days from 2 to 4 people


from October 19 to 22


-discovery courses 3 days, mixed sigillata and decoration on baked glaze from 2 to 4 people


the 2 dates of works council May 24-26 and June 21-23

August 25-27, October 13-15


These internships can be financed by shared funds (FAFCEA, OPCO, Pôle Emploi, etc.).

through the organization "Passpassion,

Without financing contact me

Your OPINIONS are my greatest rewards!

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